How to Stop Gambling Easily

For most people, there’s a little thrill associated with placing their bets at casinos or sports events, whether they wager real money or just play games online. But if you look deeper, you’ll find that there’s a lot of gray area regarding what constitutes gambling and even more regarding when it should be considered gambling and when it isn’t. What is gambling? Is it legal?


Many people confuse gambling with sports betting, which is a completely separate issue from betting on a sporting event. Gambling, however, is simply the habitual wagering on something of greater value with the objective of winning something else for a certain price. There are many people who have an addiction to gambling, including many people who consider themselves as non-gamers. In many cases, it can seem as if the person is suffering from some kind of gambling disorder. However, it should be noted that many people who have problems gambling do not have a true problem. Gambling, instead, is a form of self-destructive behavior that can be controlled by dealing with issues surrounding the problem itself rather than simply dwelling on whether a particular game or bet will pay off.

The first step in getting the proper diagnosis for your own gambling addiction is to speak with a licensed therapist who deals with gambling issues. In some cases, a therapist may require the gambler to participate in therapy sessions on a semi-regular basis. Many gamblers who live in rehabilitation centers or who are given care through a personal support network also participate in therapy. These individuals may find it helpful to form a support network of other gamblers who can offer advice, assistance, and encouragement.

Once you have received professional counseling, it is important that you develop healthy gambling habits. This doesn’t mean that you should become a total non-player, but it does mean that you need to change your spending habits and learn to control your urges to gamble. While credit cards can give you quick access to cash, the temptation is sometimes too great to resist and you end up spending money you don’t have. Developing healthy financial habits is probably one of the most effective ways to stop gambling.

If you choose to participate in online or live sports betting, it is a good idea to avoid credit cards and sign up for an offshore gambling account. Although it is easier to play through offshore gambling sites, this is not a wise decision for many reasons. For one thing, it may be more difficult to keep track of your finances, which is especially important if you decide to participate in numerous online or live card games.

If you are serious about breaking free from gambling, you may want to consider enrolling in a drug treatment program. Unlike lotteries, gambling addictions are much harder to overcome. Rehab programs are designed specifically for those who are struggling with gambling problems. They usually last several months and will require that you make some hard choices, such as giving up lots of money that you may be using on gambling activities.